What are heat pumps?

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Heat pumps are part of the renewables umbrella group and produce free, environmentally friendly heat by extracting energy from the air or ground. This heat energy is then transferred to the home where it can be used for heating or hot water.

There are two main types of heat pump which can be used in the home; the ground source heat pumps and the air source heat pumps. Both use some electricity to run, but extract heat from a renewable source.

Benefits of heat pumps

  • Provide free energy from a renewable source, saving up to 75% on your annual heating bills (space heating and hot water)
  • Avoid the rising prices of National Grid gas and electricity
  • Earn a fixed income when the Renewable Heat Incentive incorporates heat pumps. Expected rates will see an annual income of £850
  • Heat pumps are known as a fit and forget technology as after installation, they require little maintenance to be in full working order for many years to come

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Remember, a heat pump can reduce your carbon footprint, can provide space heating and hot water, can lower fuel bills, there are no fuel deliveries required and it’s classed as a ‘fit and forget’ technology because it needs little maintenance.

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